Sunday, January 18, 2009

new year, new me

So I'm back with some ideas, pics, outfits and such. I'm also getting a bigger memory card for my camera to go along with my bright and shiny new imageshack account so expect regular posts soon. I also will be positing a link to my Twitter account since I've found that tends to be great for stream of consciousness posting. In the meantime check out some images from Balenciaga's prefall collection. It's so primal and beautiful that I was left a little breathless when I first saw it. I definitely have some outfits inspired by it to post, especially thanks to the lovely Vera over at Deep In Vogue, and the fantastic mohair coat she made for me. Jordan Dunn's photo in particular keeps haunting me, I love making black and brown work together, and the details on the dress are amazing Also I'll most likely be taking classes at FIT this semester in the hopes of finally being able to pursue a passion of mine. Lots more on this later.

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